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Welcome to seeds, a show where we talk with people making a positive impact with their lives.  We are particularly interested in social enterprises and entrepreneurs.  We listen to them reflect on their journeys and take time to dig deeper in order to better understand what really motivates their choices. 

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Hosted by Steven Moe.  


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Sep 10, 2018

To celebrate getting to 15,000 listens this "Legal Mashup" is a bonus episode recorded at XCHC recently.  In this I presented along with Kris Morrison about key start-up issues including what a social enterprise is, best legal structure options for them, the charitable option, governance, board size, liability, intellectual property, overseas considerations, employment, and other start-up issues ... we covered a lot!  If you enjoy it consider sharing with someone else who is at the start of their entrepreneurial journey.  Here is an index of topics and location in the episode for ease of reference:

01:54 - Introduction
06:45 - Social Enterprises overview
13:50 - Options for legal structures
18:37 - Governance and boards
23:43 - Discussing overseas focus for Charities
26:16 - Mission and purpose
28:53 - Constitutions for social enterprises
30:47 - Shareholders' agreements
34:02 - Intellectual property ownership
37:28 - Discussing "start-up legal toolkit" free book 
37:58 - Employment issues discussion
40:52 - Registering as a Charity
46:08 - Discussing recent Charity conference 
46:47 - About free resources available 
48:37 - About Seeds podcast
49:51 - Charity vs Company structures for social enterprises
54:31 - Thanks

The resources mentioned including the "Start-ups Legal Toolkit" and "Social Enterprises in New Zealand: A legal handbook" can be emailed out if you send an email to or visit the site for more articles, templates, videos etc 

Video of this talk is also accessible here: