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Welcome to seeds, a weekly show that just hit 11,000 listens where we talk about purpose with inspiring people making a positive impact with their lives.  We are particularly interested in social enterprises and entrepreneurs.  We listen to them reflect on their journeys and take time to dig deeper in order to better understand what really motivates their choices. 

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A recent article on why social enterprise matters here and discussing the idea of new legal structures here. 

May 21, 2018

David is the Chair of Canterbury Tech and in this episode released during Techweek '18 we talk about the origins of Canterbury Tech, what it is involved in and the future of technology for the next generation.  We also discuss David's childhood in South Africa, his different entrepreneurial ventures, what makes a good manager and how you hire to get the best people and culture fit. 

Canterbury Tech:

Stratos Technology Partners:

This episode is released during Techweek '18 as we are focusing on Technology for a few episodes. 


Techweek '18:

Christchurch NZ: