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Welcome to seeds, a podcast where we talk with people making a positive impact with their lives.  We listen to them reflect on their journeys and in a long form podcast dig deeper to better understand what motivates their choices. 

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Apr 23, 2018

Peter has written many books on New Zealand's leading creative authors, writers, painters and musicians.  His most recent recognition was the 2017 Prime Minister's Award for Literary Achievement in honour of his non-fiction.  In this interview we talk about his work as an editor, writer, critic, curator and former academic in New Zealand and Canada. We also talk about his memories of growing up just after World War II, the thriving literary scene in Christchurch between 1933 and 1953, his life as an academic as well as a period as a Member of Parliament for Lyttelton, his friendship and memories of the poet Allen Curnow, and what he likes about collecting books.

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