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Jun 2, 2020

Anne started her career as a professional musician before getting involved in a wide variety of initiatives focusing on the creative arts.  In this interview we hear about her life story, the influence of a meeting with Yo-Yo Ma, how she came to move to New Zealand, starting the Michael Hill International Violin Competition, and her role today in helping NFPs shape their futures.  Anne has led a wide variety of organisations including the NZ Centre for Gifted Education, James Wallace Arts Trust, Cognition Education Trust, Auckland Writers Festival and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra (among others).  Most recently, she was in charge of running the New Zealander of the Year Awards.  

One topic we dive into is the role that creatives can play on Boards and that conversation has become an example of what Seeds podcast is at its best: Anne and I are now co-writing a white paper on this topic.  Be watching out for it and if you know of examples that would fit with that topic then let me know.


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