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Aug 10, 2020

This episode is a celebration of reaching 200 episodes and 75,000 listens.  In it we hear from 30 different people to give a taste of the wide variety of voices, stories and conversations we have had so far.

Thank you so very much for your support of the show, it means a lot when you listen and share and tell others about it!  

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I wanted to feature something from every episode but that would have been a 2 hour episode easily so this has short excerpts from 30 episodes to show the wide variety of voices so far, including:

Episode #1 - Michelle Sharp 
Episode #78 - Sister Mary Scanlon
Episode #5 - Shanna Moe
Episode #18 - John Hammond
Episode #61 - Simon Mbonyinshuti 
Episode #83 - Kerri Bonner
Episode #108 - Osman Ahmed
Episode #112 - Israel Cooper
Episode #99 - Isabel age 6
Episode #10 - Mark Ambundo
Episode #24 - Amy Marsden
Episode #102 - Ian Harvey
Episode #84 - Lisa Mead
Episode #114 - Hannah McKnight
Episode #117 - Bridget Williams
Episode #88 - Matthew Goldsworthy
Episode #32 - Erica Austin
Episode #19 - Mark Prain
Episode #8 - Daniel Flynn
Episode #191 - 'Anau Mesui Henry
Episode #30 - Camia Young
Episode #44 - Michael Mayell
Episode #45 - Samantha Jones
Episode #26 - Dorenda Britten
Episode #55 - Julia Rucklidge
Episode #79 - Kathleen Gallagher
Episode #89 - Peter Beck
Episode #174 - Michael Philpott
Episode #189 - Kaila Colbin
Episode #125 - Natasha Zimmerman