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Jun 8, 2020

Vicki-Anne shares her life journey in this interview and we talk in detail about her founding NZ Gifts of Love & Strength.  This is a great new charity which was set up to support victims of different events such as the shootings in Christchurch.  We also chat about her background and things she has faced in her life, including Lyme disease, which I did not know much about.  I really enjoyed my conversation with Vicki-Anne and am sure you will as well.

Facebook page for NZ Gifts of Love and Strength:

An article on the initiative:
From Vicki-Anne: "During Covid-19 we were an essential service and collaborated with Student Volunteer Army screening potential volunteers throughout NZ. We responded to several requests to assist people from Canterbury Civil Defence Welfare Team.
We are always looking for donors of new items from businesses and individuals. We always welcome new volunteers to help us. We also love collaborating with other non-profits.
We will be popping up at various markets this winter in Canterbury with a range of various craft items we have made and a nice food treat to take home. (Not saying what it is as its a unique fundraiser).
Conrad and has formed a collaboration with us ongoing for fundraising for all of our clients.  Our new lot of Red Cross Refugees arrive this coming Friday."
Regarding Lyme disease: "I guess I would like to mention that its not just ticks that carry Lyme disease and its coinfections. Its spread by migratory birds. If anyone has multiple unexplained health issues there is a questionnaire by world leading Lyme disease specialist  Dr Horowitz that most Doctors around the world rely on for diagnosis. If you need testing please contact Vicki at NZ Gifts <> who can advise best labs in the world to get tested at."
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