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Sep 3, 2018

Dave Lane is an advocate for open source software and is the President of the NZ Open Source Society.  In this interview we talk about his early years (including his Quaker roots) and growing up in a multilingual home.  We also discuss his studies and what led him to New Zealand and his experiences as an entrepreneur.  

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A comment from Dave:

"I'm an advocate for greater openness and appreciation of the freedoms we have. I'm a free and open source software developer, longtime technologist, business owner, and an enthusiast about many other things.

I post lots of ideas and observations related to technology, the world, society, and issues like international trade agreements, multinational corporations, and online voting, on my professional blog:

As current president of the NZ Open Source Society, I write a lot of the content on and associated sites like and

I maintain a blog about my work on the free and open source technologies underlying with the Open Education Resource universitas (the OERu - here -"