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Aug 27, 2019

David is an edu-agitator who has explored what education is for many years through his work on Liberatory Design.  In this interview we hear a lot about David's childhood and his own education and how that has shaped the person he has become today and what he does.  We also talk about the school he co-founded - the East Bay School for Boys ( This is one of those interviews where we talk about a wide range of topics - from the word curiosity, to white male privilege, working as an artist, the power of creativity and the future of "school".  I think you'll enjoy it - it would be in my own top 10.

Liberatory Design:

TEDxChristchurch description:

Article on DSX:

Big praise to TEDxChristchurch team, it was great to support what you did the past weekend.  And thanks Rebecca Robertson for the intro to David on the Friday night - and for finding out that you are a fan of seeds!

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A reflection inspired by the conversation:



That teacher who believed

in you.  It was decades ago

but the memory is fresh.

Who saw potential

where others saw none.

I can see the tears rising as I ask

“What shaped him that way?”

You’re not sure.  He just was.

But perhaps someone played that role

in his life too.

A catalyst for finding meaning

for so many ships setting out.

What does his legacy mean

for us, for me.  How do I go about

not trying to inscribe my name 

on stone buildings that will crumble

but inputting into lives,

weaving into hearts

that beat and grow.


I give myself permission

to laugh, to cry, to ask questions

I give myself permission

To embrace others

I give myself permission

To stay curious

I give myself permission

To be truly present