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Sep 22, 2019

Audio of entire day held on 21 September 2019 of the main stage speakers at Impact Summit 2019 hosted by UCE (University of Canterbury Centre for Entrepreneurship).  The speakers were fantastic and it was a great day of insight and learning.  

This is an extremely long episode so how can you listen to what you want to hear?  You can jump to hear the session you want by navigating to the following points using this index:

1:41 - Speaker Session 1: Tori McNoe with a Karakia (UCSA) Jason Pemberton MC with an intro to the day (link to his site), then:
13:09 - Alanna Chapmann (27 Seconds) (some audio issues at start, keep persisting with it)
26:59 - Shannon Thompson (Out of Comfort)
40:51 - Bariz and Saba (Honouring 51 Lives)
45:21 - Q&A with the speakers

58:28 - Panel Session A: Demystifying Commercialisation hosted by Xstart with Mads Moller (Tech Entrepreneur), Matthew Jones (CertusBio Ltd), Chelsea Aitkin (New Zealand and Beyond) and facilitated by Olivia Theyers-Collins (Xstart)

1:55:31 - Speaker Session 2: Intro
1:56:26 - Brad Lake (Brothers Green)
2:09:21 - Kendall Flutey (Banqer)
2:21:02 - Q&A with the speakers

2:30:47 - Panel Session B: Harnessing Creativity with Jason Pemberton (Felt), Preston Hegel (XCHC), Rosie Carroll (Nifty Markets, Thrifty Nifty, Rosie Threads & Slo-mo) and Bridget Williams (Bead & Proceed)

3:30:11 - Panel Session C: Entrepreneurship for Impact hosted by Xero with Elizabeth Ü (Xero), Cecilia Clavijo (My Vita Bag), Anthony Rohan (Fairground Accounting), John Jo Ritson (Flashworks Media), Jeff Ward (Liminal and Addington Coffee Co-op)

4:21:15 - Speaker Session 3: Intro
4:22:30 - Tim Bateman (Cloud 9 Float Club and O-Studio, part of The Welder)
4:33:55 - Brianne West (Ethique
4:45:41 - Q&A with the speakers
4:59:42 - Final thoughts and thanks
5:07:56 -

Thanks to UCE for arranging the day and allowing the audio to be recorded and shared in this way to empower those who could not be in the room as well.  In particular Hannah, Jessica, Jess, James and Rachel.  Well done Jason, a really great job as MC.  Big shout out to all the volunteers who made the day run smoothly.

Two of the people who spoke have been on seeds podcast before so check out:

Bridget Williams

Alanna Chapman

There are many other episodes - this is the 130th one - at  

UCE Facebook:


Website description of the event: 

Want to stand out in tomorrow’s world? The UCE Impact Summit is designed to get you where you want to be -- whether your goals are personal, community-focused or worldwide.

The Impact Summit is back! We’ll be in the brand new Haere-roa building for a full day of change-making on the 21st September 2019.

Whether you want to stand out in the crowd, learn some tips and tricks for creating impact or just spend some time hanging out with like-minded people, the Impact Summit will take you through a journey of interactive workshops, world-class speakers, networking and activities that will fill you with the inspiration and energy you need to take your next steps.