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Jan 13, 2022

Sid is part of the founding team of Neighbourhoods, which is focussed on the role of reputation in an online world.  Before we talk about that initiative we dive into his past growing up in India, joining the banking system, abandoning that for several years including time at the Ghandi Ashram, thinking about the true meaning of wealth, finding that distributed ledger technology could be used to measure reputation and what Neighbourhoods is.  I think it has real potential and am a supporter of the Project and have invested a small amount too.  This is the longest of the interviews recorded because we talked about so many different topics - if you enjoy this style then make sure to check out one of the others in the back catalogue at because there are almost 300 of them.  

Website: Neighbourhoods | A design philosophy for Holochain hApps.

White Paper: White Paper v.1 - White Paper (

Twitter: Neighbourhoods (@Neighbour_hoods) / Twitter 

The article on Captain Planet... Remembering Captain Planet, 30 years on | The Spinoff

Edmund Hillary Fellowship: Edmund Hillary Fellowship (

Index of topics

00:00 - Intro
02:40 - Childhood influences and cultural context growing up in India
10:04 - the impact of language on culture and communities
13:37 - the impact of neoliberalism and globalisation
21:57 - Discussing Caste system and impact
26:05 - first job in trading and experience
33:45 - Fissures in thinking about role of capitalism
38:24 - time at Ghandi Ashram and new paradigms of thinking from time there
55:55 - meaning of wealth and deeper thinking on this
1:04:02 - the implications of distributed ledger technology and ability to keep track of reputation
1:10:56 - Holo Chain and this enabling agency and new ways of social coordination
1:13:36 - some examples and tools Neighbourhoods provides
1:17:17 - what you need to create a Neighbourhoods Community
1:20:50 - plugging in and now and in the future
1:27:25 - impact of reputation on credit and accessing money
1:31:21 - comparison of Neighbourhoods to current social media platforms
1:34:03 - real world examples and scaleability of use
1:38:25 - Vision for future and how to define success
1:42:44 - Links to find out more
1:43:15 - reflections on the Edmund Hillary Fellowship