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Sep 9, 2019

Zahra arrived in New Zealand as a 12 year old Afghan refugee who spoke no English.  In this interview we hear about what her childhood was like, being a refugee, coping with bullying when you don't speak the language, reshaping identity when you arrive in a new country, what it is like to transition into a place that was so different and the impact of the March shootings.  We also discuss her decision to stand as a councillor and community board member in the local elections for The People’s Choice Labour Waimairi.  

Zahra is involved in many activities in the community including 'Uniting Canterbury Women', Canterbury Resilience Foundation and Who is Hussain.

This is the 126th interview in this series for seeds podcast and each week we talk with someone very different from the week before.

I really enjoyed the conversation with Zahra and hearing her perspective on the importance and value of diversity.  If you enjoy it then consider sharing this with someone else - they will likely say thanks!  

Photo credit: Krama & Co who sell beautiful scarves - check them out.

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We first met via Abdigani Ali of Canterbury Resilience Foundation - thanks Abdi!  At an impact event - for more on those see the website