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Oct 10, 2019

The Future of Learning Conference took place over two days on 30 September and 1 October 2019 and this audio captures the main stage sessions.  If you enjoy this check out other interviews at 

This is an extremely long episode of almost 8 hours but you can navigate to relevant parts by using this index:


  • 2:38 - Welcome from Eruera Tarena


  • 6:29 - Introduction and setting the scene by Cheryl Doig and Hamish Duff


  • 17:09 - Cheryl Doig on patterns emerging in learning and X shaped learners


  • 27:29 - Hamish Duff on skills of the future


  • 37:11 - Panel of Kendall Flutey, Sam Johnson and Mia Sutherland - Panel on the change of the career path


  • 1:10:24 - John Balash - Small Bets: 20 years later


  • 1:48:54 - BOMA NZ Education Fellows (ten secondary teachers sharing the future focussed projects they have worked on)


  • 2:22:54 - Jody Boshoff - Why emotionally intelligent conversational artificial intelligence is a game changer for learning


  • 2:53:50 - Eruera Tarena - Future flows: Transforming our education system for an equitable future


        END OF DAY ONE



  • 3:47:05 - Mahsa Mohaghegh - The impact of artificial intelligence on education


  • 4:15:11 - Jessica Trybus - Cool technology, solving real problems and 21st Century Skills


  • 4:59:27 - Panel of Shailan Patel, Margaret Pickering and David Glover - How can we personalise learning to meet diverse needs


  • 5:40:06 - Jason Swanson - Navigating the future of learning - Forecast 5.0


  • 6:15:12 - Daisy Laveo Timo - Poetry to set the scene


  • 6:23:37 - James Hayes - Changing the baby in the bathwater


  • 7:06:23 - The J Team Panel - John Balash, Jason Swanson and Jessica Trybus reflecting on the conference and "Where now"?


  • 7:30:22 - Conclusion with Hamish Duff and Cheryl Doig


  • 7:43:55 - End




Future of Learning Conference:

A big thanks to the team who organised the conference as it allowed us to sit down with him, in particular Louisa as well as:  

Hamish Duff from Recalibrate:

Cheryl Doig (a former Seeds Guest) from Think Beyond:

Cheryl's earlier interview on seeds:

Mahsa's interview:

Jason Swanson's interview: