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Apr 5, 2020

Announcing the first New Zealand Virtual Impact Unconference on 24 April 2020.  Collaboration is our future.  This unconference wants to get us out of silos and encourage discussion and cross fertilisation across specialties. 


The short version of its origins are simple:  We were going to do an in person unconference in May 2020 in Christchurch for 300+.  Plans were laid. 

Then Covid-19 came and we pivoted - a lot!  Now, it will be virtual. 

An unconference turns to the attendees and asks them to design the program.  How?  Well, at the first zoom event on Tuesday 21st April at noon there will be short lightning talks from key players in the areas of Arts, Environment, Tech, Business, Housing, Community etc to inspire us.  Then you submit your session ideas for 30 minute slots – in other words, you might be the presenter!  If chosen then that session gets allocated a time between 1-5pm on Friday 24th April within one of the zoom streams. 

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